Baiak-Ziron - Castsystem
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World Information
Status: Online
Players Casting: 34

Currently This Server is the only with a unique system of broadcasting game in the current time. System is based on an official TibiaCast.

You can enter a live stream by login into the game without entering any account number and password. Just don't write anything in those 2 fields and just press enter. A list of all available casts will appear shortly and you choose the one you would like to watch. After login into the cast, you can talk with other audiences and a person that is broadcasting.

To make your own broadcast, you must login to your account and use a command /cast on.

Full command list can be found below.

Players Casting [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]
OutfitName[sort] Level[sort] Vocation[sort] Spectators
Alice95146 0/50
Apollo Creed48365 0/50
Archazor116083 0/50
Ards Boladao108121 0/50
Braw109584 0/50
Cleee95962 0/50
Cleezera97025 0/50
Ek Du Mal93689 0/50
Elite Darkros78867 0/50
Eusei18960Elder Druid0/50
Falonzo Starbucksz46349Royal Paladin0/50
Greenleaf96309 0/50
Kria97080 0/50
Kuki Reaper108270 0/50
Liga Pro Samu1000Nature Healerr0/50
Lilith96875 0/50
Lord Gauchinho95951 0/50
Mato Sem Doh68913 0/50
Minatokun97165 0/50
Minatosan69765 0/50
Mora the Furious99562 0/50
Moreninha101569 0/50
Nicodemos96984 0/50
No Mercy110778 0/50
Paladino Of Darknes35535Royal Paladin0/50
Pallyzinha110001 0/50
Psiconalta59185Royal Paladin0/50
Rulexz93585 0/50
Ruthless111267 0/50
Ryuu115485 0/50
Sam58627Master Sorcerer0/50
Sera107818 0/50
Siixkiller59430 0/50
Wuei95680 0/50

Currently available commands for spectators:
/show - display the amount of currently active spectators
/name - change your name on chat with player and other spectators
/auth - authenticate to an exisiting cast (required with chat proctetion)

Available commands for streaming players:
/cast on - enables the stream
/cast off - disables the stream
/cast password {password} - sets a password on the stream
/cast password off - disables the password protection
/cast auth on - enables requirement of authentication on chat
/cast auth off - disables requirement of authentication on chat
/cast kick {name} - kick a spectator from your stream
/cast ban {name} - locks spectator IP from joining your stream
/cast unban {name} - removes banishment lock
/cast bans - shows banished spectators list

/cast mute {name} - mutes selected spectator from chat
/cast unmute {name} - removes mute
/cast mutes - shows muted spectators list
/cast show - displays the amount and nicknames of current spectators
/cast status - displays stream status

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